What is GeoTIFF ?

GeoTIFF is a public domain metadata standard which allows georeferencing information to be embedded within a TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) file. GeoTIFF files are used to store geospatial data, such as satellite imagery or topographic maps, and can be used by a variety of software applications, such as geographic information systems (GIS) or image processing tools.

A GeoTIFF file contains a regular TIFF file, as well as additional metadata stored in the form of "tags" that describe the geographic information associated with the image. This includes information about the coordinate system and projection used, the spatial extent of the image, and the georeferencing data that allows the image to be accurately positioned on a map.

GeoTIFF files are widely used in the geospatial industry and are supported by many software applications, making them a convenient and widely-accepted format for storing and sharing geospatial data.

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